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"Little drops of water make the mighty ocean" is a proverb that can be incorporated into our daily lives. Simple things that we do daily can make a lot of difference by making everything around us efficient. It can save us a lot of money and time as well. How? Let’s take a look the following utility bill busters.

Max Savings On Home Utilities

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1. Childproof your Walls : It is an effective solution to air leaks. It also saves up to 12% on heating and cooling costs.

2. Separate Water Meter for Irrigation: Many water districts charge you for the water you receive and the sewage that exits from your home. During summer, you might be charged a sewage rate even if water doesn’t exit your home. You can prevent this and save an estimate of 300 dollars a year by putting a separate water meter for irrigation.

3. Change The Fan’s Direction and Save More: It can reduce the cooling and heating demand and also reduce your air conditioning and cooling costs.

4. Inspect Windows for Cracked Seals: Maintaining your windows properly can increase the overall energy efficiency of your home. It will also save you between 126-465 Dollars a year.

5. Keep your Sprinklers Well-Maintained: This can increase the overall irrigation efficiency. Your water bills will also undergo a massive 80 to 160 Dollar cut if done properly. Installing an irrigation controller will help you conserve thousands of gallons of water as well.

6. Save Money and Energy By Stuffing your Fridge: There is no use if you are simply cooling the air. You can increase the efficiency of your refrigerator and decrease your electricity bill at the same time by packing your fridge with a lot of items.

7. Replace your Door Sweeps: Replacing your door sweeps can reduce your heating and cooling losses caused by air leaks. This is because door sweeps get worn off over time and cause leaks in exterior doors.

8. Tax Benefits and Rebates: Even though the amount of money you save can vary according to the state you live in, it can help you rebate for the commodities you have already bought.

9. Eliminate Shrubs Around HVAC: Removing the shrubs can make the running of your whole system smoother and prolong its life as well. It can also save you a massive 30% on cooling costs.

10. Keep an Eye on Hvac System Maintenance: Changing the air filter of your HVAC every 3 to 6 months can help you save a lot on electricity costs. It also improves the life of your HVAC system.

11. Pull your Fridge out an Inch: This can improve airflow to the unit and enhance energy efficiency as well. Total savings will be around 20 dollars a year.

Adhering to the tips listed above can be of great help in saving energy, money and time.

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