Make Your House A Home – The Ideal HVAC System

It is 30 degrees outside, and the coal has just run out. Its steady depletion had been constantly encroaching on your holiday spirits as you worried about the ability to get more. Now it has all been used, so you put on another five layers in an attempt to forget the bone chilling winds outside. The snow still needs to melt another 6 inches before you are able to go anywhere to get more coal. For now though, it is time to just sit, wait, and hope more flurries do not come your way.

This would be your life if you had lived in the 1800’s, but luckily, that is not the case. With technological developments, especially those in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) field, people no longer have to worry about the weather outside; they are able to enjoy life in the comfort of their desired temperature. Now, you are able to get absurd amounts of snow and enjoy it. You can play outside and come in to warm yourself as the snow melts off your clothes,dripping into endless puddles. HVAC systems have increased the value of life by allowing us the opportunity to experience life to its fullest extent through the pursuance of our personal endeavors while being in the greatest possible comfort.

Being able to control the temperature of our surrounding air is one of the greatest abilities we have, but also one that is taken advantage of without its due recognition. Having never previously thought about it, one would not think of how being able to keep the house at a steady 68 reduces risks of contracting a cold. Without HVAC, the rich would be devastated as their ice sculptures quickly melted in 100 degree L.A. heat while Minnesota’s inhabitants would have to either spend their life savings on coal or freeze. No longer do humans have to succumb to Mother Nature’s elemental endeavors like animals. We can do what we please, when we please, in the manner we please, without worrying about nature ruining our indoor fun.

The home is a safe place from the outside world. It guards its inhabitants from the terrors they fear, from the looming sicknesses that circulate, and from the disasters that occur. It is a place where the abilities to create, desire, and dream should be nurtured into prosperity. However, what if the prosperity was halted due to a sickness that could have been prevented with HVAC? What if you came down with a cold, meaning you would miss a party, where you would have happened to meet the love of your life? True, you would not have known you missed this opportunity, but you would know that your sickness had hindered your day-to-day enjoyment of life. Life is made of the little things, and missing out on those due to sickness is an unfortunate occurrence that can easily be solved with the help of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

The modern home, thanks to the HVAC, provides comfort to create happiness and memories with loved ones. Its addition to the home has revolutionized how humans live and interact. Without it, we would not lead the lives we do today.


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