If you have improper ventilation you air conditioner can be pumping air through your house that is up to 300% more polluted than the air outside. This can impact your family’s health as well as their comfort levels. HVAC Denver gives you a free in-home IAQ consultation carried out by one of our experts who is a BPI-certified specialist. We can offer you a variety of indoor air quality options that can fit your wallet.


An essential part of the home comfort ecosystem, a humidifier works to optimize humidity levels in your home. This process is essential because it can discourage harmful elements in your home. During winter months, humidity should be as low as possible for optimal comfort. Moderate humidity levels helps you feel warmer.Depending the size of your home, HVAC Denver gives you options that can help you with maintaining the adequate moisture levels in your home through the day. Humidifier size is measured in “Gallons per day” or GPD, and ranges from 12 – 18.

HVAC Denver Humidifiers


If there’s a strong musty odor coming from your basement, and things start to feel sticky in the summer, then your house is due for a checkup. It’s important to regulate the humidity indoors to avoid all these problems in your house. A dehumidifier can help give you a more comfortable environment indoors and reduces excess moisture which prevents buildup of odors and other undesirable properties. Decreasing humidity is a key factor to feel comfortable even with higher temperatures.


HVAC Denver offers you a lot of different air filters from 1” models to high efficiency variants. Air cleaners and filters keep your home air clean. Air filters are usually recommended depending on the needs of the home but it’s good to remind yourself of 2 important ideas:

  • Pleated filters work great at filtering air but airflow is restricted and works against your HVAC systems performance and working efficiency.
  • Filters that are high efficiency clean the indoor air without restricting the flow of air.


There are two types of ultraviolet (UV) lights:

  • Preventative maintenance: A light the cleans your indoor coil by eliminating any bacteria or mold.
  • Air purification: A light installed inside your ductwork cleans the air before it enters your living space

The second type of UV light sends friendly oxidizers (ionized hydro peroxides) into your air stream to wipe out bacteria, viruses, odors, and pollutants at the source.


HVAC Denver’s Fresh Air ECO System

Good, clean air circulating in the house can elevate health and spirits of everyone at home. The fresh air systems we deal with have energy recovery ventilation (ERV) and come with fresh air dampers which bring in air from outside and filter it. Another benefit fresh air systems provide is that it dilutes and rids your home of indoor air contaminants like VOCs, kitchen smoke and pet odors. Allergies are a problem which can be alleviated when you get a fresh air system installed.

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