We deal with installations and servicing of all the best brands when it comes to heating and air in the country namely, Trane, Carrier, Mitsubishi, Lennox, Bryant, Amana, Rheem, Ruud, American Standard, Coleman, Frigidaire, Honeywell, Gibson, Heil, Daikin, and York.


A heat pumps move thermal energy which can heat your home. It’s found with a variety of indoor systems, including all-electric and dual fuel installations. All-electric heat pumps rely on electricity to heat your home, using backup heat strips for the cold days. A dual fuel system, on the other hand, uses a heat pump to heat your home, but it also uses a gas furnace for backup heat when the temperature drops. HVAC Denver gives you a large number of options that can suit any budget. There are several options that you can choose from depending on the standard, efficiency and noise levels. Same as with AC replacement, you need to consider your home as a system and evaluate what exactly you are looking for.

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HVAC Air Handlers in Denver

An air handler, or “fan coil,” is the indoor component of an all-electric heat pump system. It includes the fan, electrical components, and the heating/cooling coil. It is important to match your air handler with the same efficiency and refrigerant as the outdoor heat pump. HVAC Denver offers a variety of air handlers for any budget – including efficient air handlers with advanced variable airflow and humidity control! The advantage of Variable airflow systems is that they give even, consistent comfort throughout your home. In addition to energy efficiency gains, this also results in a quieter system that does a better job of filtering indoor air.


Polls estimate that over 90% of the world’s population uses ductless split systems to heat and cool indoor spaces! A ductless split system is a heating and cooling unit that does not require any ductwork. The most popular type of ductless systems include one or more indoor fan coils, usually mounted to an interior wall. These coils connect to an outdoor heat pump or air conditioner.

The outdoor heat pump includes a "variable" or "modulating" unit (the compressor). This runs at variable speeds through the day resulting in a lot more even heating or cooling process when compared to systems that are ducted. It also saves a lot more energy and is quieter.

The indoor units we supply has individual comfort settings and you can demarcate your own “zone”. You can either choose wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling-recessed and ducted fan coil indoor units. Ask our technicians for advice and you can mix and match different indoor fan coils on a single outdoor unit for the ultimate in zoning.


A package unit is a self-contained heating and cooling system that acts like a single piece of equipment. Package units are often installed outside the home, mounted on the ground or roof, and ducted to the interior. When it comes to package units, we have models that can fit the tightest of budgets so you should take a look at our catalog. HVAC Denver offers package heat pump, air conditioning and a dual fuel system. The more efficient package units have increased working efficiency with reduced noise.

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